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Major facilities

To carry out its research, the laboratory relies on large facilities dedicated to civil engineering experiments, couple of them of international level. Among these, one may mention:

  • a platform or slab for testing at real structural scale and for the study of structures behaviour under service loading as well as failure or fatigue resistance;
  • press facilities  with hydraulic machines of various capacities (up to 500 t) used to characterise the behaviour of all kinds of materials used in civil engineering and which can be coupled with hydric or thermic control devices;
  • facilities dedicated to creep with frames allowing for the three main types of loading: compression, tension and bending, as well as relaxation frames;
  • facilities for climatic ageing of concrete structures affected by delayed ettringite formation and a natural ageing site;
  • all the necessary equipment for the implementation of concrete specimens: the control of composition is for essential, especially in the study of pathologies.